This Is Why Exporta Global Is So Famous!

Euro Stacking Containers may be used to create compact, secure loads for storage or transport. Factory employees and a number of other industrial professionals can make use of these containers. We are now able to offer ESD euro containers, either with or without lids for customers pallet boxes that need ESD protection in their plastic boxes. The layout also helps to maintain a constant product temperature during storage and transit and so that the containers are ideal for fridges and freezers.

Many different professionals may utilize Euro piling containers, particularly in environments where Euro pallets are already being used. All stacking boxes are intended for heavy loading, as frequently done in warehouse logistics and in transportation. Finally , we turned the whole euro container upside down and stuck 1 Allan onto it. Allan is our quite chunky Warehouse Manager.

Our euro piling containers could be tailored to fit your requirements with lids , inner dividers , tag clips and personalised print. The kits are designed for use in factories, warehouses, storerooms and light industrial units but, together with the supplied Containers are produced from food-grade polypropylene, are equally suitable for use in smaller commercial configurations and retail outlets.

The right sided design gives maximum storage capacity and enables the trays to be stacked securely together or with pliers, without effecting the contents of the container. Produced from durable food-grade plastic these containers are easy to clean and require no maintenance. The Ventilated Euro Stacking Containers are likewise impervious to moisture and also gain from a ventilated construction.

Please note these containers are brand new and un-used, ensuring you receive always top quality trays to supply on-going support. Euro containers are intended to fit on European dimensions 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm wooden and plastic pallets , as well as standard 1200 x 1000mm pallets. The Euro standard foot print ensures the containers stack economically on pallets or with other Euro containers at the scope, helping to take advantage of precious space.

These robust plastic stacking containers are a versatile storage tray capable to withstand the rigours of industrial applications. The smooth, sealed surfaces of this Euro Containers prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust and also let repeated washing and steam-cleaning. A Euro container that is 600x400x290mm in dimensions and is out of our class leading euro container range.

Similarly versatile are our Euro Box Kits where we combine BiG series shelving with custom-fitting Euro Containers at a fantastic value price. For instance, employees involved with receiving and shipping may make use of these containers. Grocery stores and other retailers may use these containers together with Euro pallets for storing goods.

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